The Journey to Here

Hi Mama’s,

My name is Candice. I am a very blessed Mom to three beautiful boys. Three incredible human beings that amaze me everyday. I had my first wee one almost 15 years ago and quite frankly, he’s not so wee anymore! 

If you had told me years ago that I would have babies 14 years apart, I would have laughed, but to tell me that I would have identical twins… not a chance! Yet, here we are and I wouldn’t change it for the world! As it turns out, I had the opportunity to experience raising an only child to now raising siblings, and whats more; is that the twins couldn’t ask for a better big bro or role model!

I should firstly share with you, that I raised my eldest on my own for 13 years. We essentially grew up together. He has been my rock nearly as much, if not more, than I, his.
After being on my own for so long with my little guy, I had come to peace with the idea that I may never have any more children. I had the most perfect little boy already, so I was more than fulfilled as a Mother. Plus, I was a bit scared to know what having a hellion child might be like, so why tempt fate lol!
In 2015 I met my husband. We married a year later and a year after that we were pregnant. My husband had been married previously, but had never had children. He was great with my son and clearly cut out to be a father. So when we talked about having another child, I was open to having one and done. A family of four seemed like the perfect fit and one we could easily manage. HA! The universe decided differently!
You know how they always say, the universe never gives you what you can’t handle? Yes well, while this may be true, it can often still feel like a bit of a twisted joke!

I went in for an emergency ultrasound at 5 weeks pregnant because I was experiencing a loss of blood that scared even the doctor. We were worried I was losing the baby…. never did the thought cross our minds that we would find two heart beats on the monitor! Never!!!
While it was certainly a far more positive outcome than we had first thought, it was a whole new wave of emotions, thoughts and fears!
Twins are a whole new ball game, but this two for the price of one thing is pretty amazing! Busy, oh man is it busy, but my heart is definitely full.

Of all the things I grew up wanting to be or wanting to experience, being a Mom played a massive part. And while I knew that it was something that I would be good at, I didn’t realize how much it would truly mold me. I can’t remember now what it feels like to not be a Mother. I would say that for all things I have done in my life, this role is certainly where I excel and feel most suited, it is where I find the most meaning and defined path. 

I also feel connected to the idea of sharing my path, the highs, the lows, my successes, failures, and all things in between with fellow Mama’s. Hence my conception of Twinning Life. If anything that I share about my experience helps another Mama find peace, validation, a laugh, a cry, or even a product that aids them in their everyday, than Twinning Life is worth every blogging moment.  

So join me for the ride and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or hilarious moments you would like to share. I can always find time to pause for a laugh!