Preparing the nest, Thank you

It Takes A Village…. and some borrowed Tata’s

Behind many a Multiple Baby Mama, is a support system that stands behind her like the great game of trust fall. I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to all of the family, friends and absolute strangers whom have been kind to any new Mama, let alone those with multiple Lil minions in tow.
It’s the random acts of kindness that not only bring on the biggest hormonal cry fest, but that make the challenge seem all that more doable!
Omg, it was the homemade meat pies, lasagna’s, chilli’s, etc. that fed my entire family on several evenings in the those early days, and gave me the time and sanity to even attempt the duel nursing/pumping challenge.
And Holy Sh*t, was it ever a challenge! My tata’s just weren’t in the game for this go around!
I nursed my first for 10months, but even with all of the incredible nutrition, Mother Love, Fenugreek, Brewer’s Yeast, Blessed Thistle (and omg how many other things can we take until we finally say these girls are just not showing up …. ) it was still the incredible gifts of food that I swear helped me get through the three months of zombiedom and thankfully nourished – if even only a little per feed – my poor little punks!

I was so incredibly fortunate to then be bestowed such a selfless gift from another BreastMilkinCoolergirlfriend- one of my bridesmaids – whom had just had her own baby girl only a month before my boys. When I was really down about not being able to give more breast milk to my guys, she offered to be their angel-wet-nurse!
I know she was almost as equally frustrated with the surplus she was producing, something about moo’ing, but I am so appreciative of her!

A big thank you to this Auntie and her moo-worthy-nurturing girls!

My folks also really stepped it up! In fact I believe they camped out at our house for about a week prior to my going into labour, for fear they may miss being here to help at first. The very day I was induced (appropriately on Family Day no less), my parent’s were there to run our eldest to his hockey game and still get back on time to see us just rolling back in to our room with twins in tow.
Over the course of the following week, we had an outpouring of love and support from our family and friends and some incredible strangers.
It really does take a village to raise a child, even more so to raise multiple one’s at a  time. I am so grateful for our village.
Thank you to all of the various villages out there helping Multiple Baby Mama’s!

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