Never Had I Ever…Until I Did!

What used to be a fun and telling game with all kinds of amusing dirty content to play with friends, has been given an entirely new perspective for me.

So I thought I might mix it up and share said new perspectives on this twisted fun game with like minded Mama’s 😉

Never Had I Ever….

  • Felt two sets of hiccups at the same time and what’s worse, they were so hard that it pushed on my bladder all the more…. Right, because we need any extra help in this department while carrying that wide load!
  • Been bruised from the inside out – Twin A was hell bent on kickboxing his way to gain more real estate
  • Been told a maternity store did not carry my bra size!! No words for this one…..
  • Heard a queefing sound from a breast before – compliments to the breast pump and air getting in. So Hot!
  • Cried over spilled milk! Literally! That Sh*t is GOLD! – especially when you are only getting 2oz from each breast at a time.
  • Answered a door or hosted guests with a life sucking machine attached to my girls. It somehow always appears as something between a character from Total Recall and a 95 year old nursing woman!!  Although the shock value was often worth it!
  • Speaking of shock value… Never have I ever bared my girls this much!! (ok ok, not for life preserving reasons anyways)
  • Competed in any kind of Sumo wrestling before, but changing toddler diapers sure can feel like it!
  • Functioned on 20 min of sleep and yet somehow everyone was kept alive and the house didn’t burn down! Life goals!
  • Considered owning …sigh…wait for it… a MINIVAN! Sigh again! There was no way around this with our needing two seats for the car seats, space for our 14 year old, IMG_0511his hockey bag, the stroller and we often have a friend of the teenagers with us….sooooo space for two hockey bags, two playpens, etc. etc. you get the picture!
    Yup, I ended up with a sexy (insert eye roll) Caravan. Hockey Mom Van in full effect! It really is so much harder to get a cat call driving one of these beauties! lol
  • Mastered a double breast feed or 2-bottle hold in one hand! I have a new found appreciation and sympathy for milk cows!


  • Thought I would ever go through 20 diapers a day!
  • Been scared of travelling with family before. And is it really considered a vacation then? Come on!

The list could go on and on, but Mama’s let me say this, never had I ever thought that I would be this insanely busy, this exhausted, a mom-bun-wearing, nor a minivan-hockey-mom chaperone.

Having said that, never would I ever have it any other way 😉

Preparing the nest, Thank you

It Takes A Village…. and some borrowed Tata’s

Behind many a Multiple Baby Mama, is a support system that stands behind her like the great game of trust fall. I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to all of the family, friends and absolute strangers whom have been kind to any new Mama, let alone those with multiple Lil minions in tow.
It’s the random acts of kindness that not only bring on the biggest hormonal cry fest, but that make the challenge seem all that more doable!
Omg, it was the homemade meat pies, lasagna’s, chilli’s, etc. that fed my entire family on several evenings in the those early days, and gave me the time and sanity to even attempt the duel nursing/pumping challenge.
And Holy Sh*t, was it ever a challenge! My tata’s just weren’t in the game for this go around!
I nursed my first for 10months, but even with all of the incredible nutrition, Mother Love, Fenugreek, Brewer’s Yeast, Blessed Thistle (and omg how many other things can we take until we finally say these girls are just not showing up …. ) it was still the incredible gifts of food that I swear helped me get through the three months of zombiedom and thankfully nourished – if even only a little per feed – my poor little punks!

I was so incredibly fortunate to then be bestowed such a selfless gift from another BreastMilkinCoolergirlfriend- one of my bridesmaids – whom had just had her own baby girl only a month before my boys. When I was really down about not being able to give more breast milk to my guys, she offered to be their angel-wet-nurse!
I know she was almost as equally frustrated with the surplus she was producing, something about moo’ing, but I am so appreciative of her!

A big thank you to this Auntie and her moo-worthy-nurturing girls!

My folks also really stepped it up! In fact I believe they camped out at our house for about a week prior to my going into labour, for fear they may miss being here to help at first. The very day I was induced (appropriately on Family Day no less), my parent’s were there to run our eldest to his hockey game and still get back on time to see us just rolling back in to our room with twins in tow.
Over the course of the following week, we had an outpouring of love and support from our family and friends and some incredible strangers.
It really does take a village to raise a child, even more so to raise multiple one’s at a  time. I am so grateful for our village.
Thank you to all of the various villages out there helping Multiple Baby Mama’s!

The Journey to Here

Hi Mama’s,

My name is Candice. I am a very blessed Mom to three beautiful boys. Three incredible human beings that amaze me everyday. I had my first wee one almost 15 years ago and quite frankly, he’s not so wee anymore! 

If you had told me years ago that I would have babies 14 years apart, I would have laughed, but to tell me that I would have identical twins… not a chance! Yet, here we are and I wouldn’t change it for the world! As it turns out, I had the opportunity to experience raising an only child to now raising siblings, and whats more; is that the twins couldn’t ask for a better big bro or role model!

I should firstly share with you, that I raised my eldest on my own for 13 years. We essentially grew up together. He has been my rock nearly as much, if not more, than I, his.
After being on my own for so long with my little guy, I had come to peace with the idea that I may never have any more children. I had the most perfect little boy already, so I was more than fulfilled as a Mother. Plus, I was a bit scared to know what having a hellion child might be like, so why tempt fate lol!
In 2015 I met my husband. We married a year later and a year after that we were pregnant. My husband had been married previously, but had never had children. He was great with my son and clearly cut out to be a father. So when we talked about having another child, I was open to having one and done. A family of four seemed like the perfect fit and one we could easily manage. HA! The universe decided differently!
You know how they always say, the universe never gives you what you can’t handle? Yes well, while this may be true, it can often still feel like a bit of a twisted joke!

I went in for an emergency ultrasound at 5 weeks pregnant because I was experiencing a loss of blood that scared even the doctor. We were worried I was losing the baby…. never did the thought cross our minds that we would find two heart beats on the monitor! Never!!!
While it was certainly a far more positive outcome than we had first thought, it was a whole new wave of emotions, thoughts and fears!
Twins are a whole new ball game, but this two for the price of one thing is pretty amazing! Busy, oh man is it busy, but my heart is definitely full.

Of all the things I grew up wanting to be or wanting to experience, being a Mom played a massive part. And while I knew that it was something that I would be good at, I didn’t realize how much it would truly mold me. I can’t remember now what it feels like to not be a Mother. I would say that for all things I have done in my life, this role is certainly where I excel and feel most suited, it is where I find the most meaning and defined path. 

I also feel connected to the idea of sharing my path, the highs, the lows, my successes, failures, and all things in between with fellow Mama’s. Hence my conception of Twinning Life. If anything that I share about my experience helps another Mama find peace, validation, a laugh, a cry, or even a product that aids them in their everyday, than Twinning Life is worth every blogging moment.  

So join me for the ride and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or hilarious moments you would like to share. I can always find time to pause for a laugh!